Product type

1. Fushigi Sheet (for foot care)

 "Fushigi" means wonder or mysterious in Japanese. Fushigi Sheet draws out unnecessary waste material from your body with sweat while sleeping in the night.  You will feel refreshing in the next morning. Just simply putting to a sole is an one of the easiest application you may experience. The one-step easy structure that takes putting time only for about 5 seconds or so.

1.1 How to use

1.Peel off paper   2.Complete to the bottom of your foot   3.Go to bed and sleep   4.Awaken with a refreshed feeling

2. SYURAKU (for hand care)

SYURAKU is a word-combined name of the product, which means like hand-comfortable in Japanese.  It is succeeded similar product concept from Fushigi Sheet. For better fitting on a palm, it is more design-added which helps the sheet stay on even better while you use your hands. A chamomile scent is blended into the sheet that makes you richer feeling with the nice smell. The one-step easy feature as well as both WET and DRY types are available.

2.1 How to use

1.Peel off paper   2.Apply to your palm   3.Detach sheet (after 4HRs)    4.Wash hand with hand soap

2.2 How it works (on SYURAKU)

2.3 Product concept


"SYURAKU" is a handcare sheet.

  When you put a sheet, and around one hour passes, you push that a waste material gradually draws out at a finger-pot from the key point of the hand and can sense it bodily. There is the individual difference, but is the only product which you can see a waste material with eyes, and the whole sheet can sense bodily when you tore it off four hours later.

  "The human hand is 2'nd brain"  It is the word of German philosopher Kant in the 18th century. It is thought that a fatigue in modern people is one of inflammation by having a long same posture with a PC tablet, carrying continuing, and the mouse being touching an elbow, and repeating click scroll only at a finger-tip. The care due to the hand generally moisturizes it in hand cream and cares, but Sanphan thinks that it is not only thing solved by hand cream. We thought that the care from inside and outside are both essential. That is the why we pushed moving forward the product research and development. This is hygiene to let you exhaust the waste material which collected in the body.


 "SYURAKU" in another meaning is hand-comfortable.

  In other words, it was born because “Let’s put a sheet and draw out a waste material and care your hand happily".  As German great philosopher Kant stated, it is the words expressed that brain has a close relation with a hand plainly.  According to the modern brain science, the hand was understood that it is greatly connected to "motor area" (the part that is connected directly with all muscles, and controls exercise) and "somatic sensory area" (part about information from skin or an internal sensory receptor) of the brain. Therefore, the stimulation is handed down to many parts of the brain when you move a hand lively. There is the athlete hurting an elbow and a shoulder due to the movement of the finger is bad. It is recommended training to cure a shoulder and an elbow to raise the sense of the finger.

2.4 Doctor's comment

  When we live, the hand works most important. It perform delicate, complicated exercise naturally and it work, and runs a pen, and the work of the hand is right an impression thing. The palm key point makes the flow of the upper body better. It is the part which the palm is said to be the second brain, and is important. I use SYURAKU to complete in a palm as a part of the treatment of a patient. It  has been getting popular from a patient.


*Photo: DR. MIYOSHI osteopathic clinic, Director, providing treatment with SYURAKU.

2.5 Expected typical applications

When you are in a situation examped below, SYURAKU helps your hand refreshing.