Fushigi Sheet (for foot care)

Q1: What ingredients does Sanphan Fushigi Sheet contain?
A1: The powder comes from a tree. Our manufacturing methods are proprietary, but taking pyroligneous acid’s well-known special properties (plant and soil activation, antibacterial/antiseptic properties, etc.) as a guide, we have spent over 20 years researching how draw out even more energy  from trees. In a sense, the energy from trees is extracted and put into powder form as a “misterious power.”

Q2: When should I apply it? How long should I apply it?
A2: The effects are basically the same whenever you apply it. But we recommend that you apply it at bedtime so having it on the sole of your foot won’t interfere with your daily activities. Putting it on before bed and removing it when you wake up is probably the simplest approach. But if you apply it somewhere besides the bottom of your foot, or if it’s not inconvenient for you, there is no problem even if you wear it all day long. Note that Fushigi Sheet gets wet if you keep it in the same place for several hours, and this can stain your clothing. If this happens you can easily wash it out.

Q3: The sheet does not get wet even if I put it on my feet. Why not? (I use the WET type.)
A3: There are individual differences in quantity of water drawn out. The sheet generally gets wet when applied to the sole of your foot, but the first several times of use it may not get wet at all. For some people, it takes some time before the wet effect occurs. Even if the sheet does not get wet, it is still working, and if you continue using it for several days, it should get wet. Please try using it every day for a week.

Q4: Must I continue to apply it every day?
A4: As long as the sheet is getting wet, there is value in continuing. However, if the wetness decreases you will not need to use it every day. From an economical perspective, you can continue to use it for a few days, and take a few days’ break once the wetness decreases.

Q5: May children use it?
A5: It is safe for children.

SYURAKU (for hand care)

Q1: May I use the hand care sheet every day? How often should I apply it?
A1: Once every 3-7 days should be sufficient, although there is no problem with using it every day.

Q2: My hands get warm when I apply a hand care sheet. Why?
A2: This feeling comes from the blood circulation promotion effect.
      *The powder sheet itself does not include a chemical component that becomes warm.

Q3: The manual recommends applying it on at bedtime. Can I still use it in the daytime?
A3: You can’t wash your hands while it’s on, but you may apply it at any time you want.

Q4: I applied it for 5 hours, but it didn’t get wet. Why not?
A4: Individual results may vary, but  if you have time try wearing it for longer.

Q5: May I apply before driving a car?
A5: No, you must not use while driving while driving because the steering wheel can get slippery, which is extremely dangerous.

Q6: My palm is smaller than the sheet, so adhesive part is exposed. What can I do?
A6: Before tearing the backing off, you may trim the sheet with scissors to end at your thumb.

Q7: After I use the hand care sheet, my palm is sticky. What is it?
A7: Toxins and fluid released from the body can cause this.

Q8: When should I use the hand care sheet?
A8: It is recommended to use it after computer, tablet, or office work, or after playing sports or games, etc.

Q9: I take medication. May I still use your products?
A9: We have not received any reports from people taking medications that have had an adverse reaction to the hand care sheet, but please consult your doctor before using this product if you are concerned.

Q10: Are there any side effects might be considerable if I use the sheets every day?
A10: There are no side effects. Children, pregnant woman, and elderly people can safely use this product. Individual results vary but you may feel warm while using it.