Anecdotes of the invention and development

Photo: Dr. Itsuko Kawase (Regulation of acupuncture)

   SANPHAN natural tree SAP sheet was originally developed by Dr. Itsuko Kawase, founder of SANPHAN, back in late 1990s. The achievement has been proven and registered as the patent as indicated  in this page below. The patent was filed in Japan as well as in U.S. This means that she is "THE" first person who have initially created this whole new market. There was nothing like this unique product before her achievement was realized. Her business area was formerly recognized as flower arrangement professional, mostly her artificial performance have supplied to a special event like  a big International exposition, conference, or in the lobby of hi-class big hotel in Japan.

   One day on a hot day in summer, she walked into a deep forest while looking for natural useful material for the purpose of artificial flower arrangement use. She just stood on the ground where drained dry, she saw a sort of a broadleaf of trees which letting leaves so deep green. when she look up incidentally then she suddenly got a gleam of intelligence, the power of nature intuitively immediately, then she was magically inspired that there should be a certain power to draw up of a water pumping to such high height more than 10m above of the ground even the ground dried up. She quickly did try to hear the sound of water flow then she could hear the sound in her ear by a stethoscope. She was a specialist of regulation of acupuncture and highly-skilled with oriental medicine. There would be only quiet few people who can consider to just seeing of a tree and think of it practically. This is the beginning of the pioneer story of opening the ancestor product.

    She continuously accumulated study and eventually developed a production technology to extract pyroligneous acid from the broadleaf tree which she picked out, then became to obtain the raw materials of powder that is the fundamental material of making a sap sheet. The powder  was packaged by a nonwoven fabric having in a most easy use method featured as one-step easy integrated structure, also more-shaped and unified with the fixation sheet for hard to come off.


  In generally, a tree draw up a water from a ground. The miracle is that the powder made of a broadleaf tree is still keeping its capability of draw up characteristics even though the shape has been far changed from a tree to the powder. The mysterious is just inherited. The origin of the name of "Fushigi Sheet" (means wonder or mysterious sheet) comes from the story.


   You will feel warm when you put Fushigi Sheet to a sole before sleeping. This means that the blood circulation may be encouraged. Your sole will be refreshing in the next morning. The new product "SYURAKU" for hand care which fundamentally uses a similar concept.