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  Sanphan focused on the vitality of flowers and trees combined with the ability of Chinese medicine to draw out natural healing power, then we eventually recahed to a new concept and started to produce a new product back in 1998. We have worked to make a social contribution. Since the release of "Fushigi sheet,” for which we acquired a patent in 2001, we have gained many customers’ loyalty and trust and continue to achieve stable sales. The trust in our product quality is not limited to Japan but also led to overseas customers. We will moving forward and maintain our company philosophy keeping with the best quality and continue to providing excellent products for our customers.

Origin of "SANPHAN"

   "The three great kings" are three legendary emperors said to have created the basics of Chinese medicine. Like the three great kings who laid the foundation for Chinese medicine, our desire to help protect people’s valuable lives is part of our company name.

Company introduction


  Address: 2211-1, Togami, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka, Japan 418-0006

  Phone/Fax: +81-544-58-0229 / +81-544-58-4312

  Established: Oct. 1977

  Products: Healthcare products

  WEB: https://hanakoubou-sanphan-english.jimdo.com/

Company history


Year Remarks

Established HANAKOUBOU SANPHAN CO., LTD in Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka.

Developed non-smoking tea to stop smoking.

Began to sell processed art flowers.


Developed "YUKARI," which maintains flower arrangements through special processing.

Exhibited in the government royal suit at the international flower EXPO '90

"YUKARI" honored as winner of silver medal in international flower arrangement exhibition association contest, and silver medal in flower  arrangement

1991 Began raw material supply for Coca-Cola bottlers.
1993 Developed "TENJU" for antibacterial application, preservation, and infection prevention of corpses.
1997 Developed "Fushigi Sheet" as a healthcare product.

Opened new factory in Togami, Fujinomiya-shi, Japan.

Itsuko Kawase became CEO.

Akira Kawase became company president.

2003 Developed nutrition food "DAN"
2011 Developed and began selling "Foot Bath"
2013 Developed and started shipping hand care "SYURAKU"
2014 SYURAKU renewal started in September.
2015 Sold cumulative 560 million sheets.
2016 Developed and started shipping Trial Set "ZERO"